David Gilmour – A Night to Remember

Bericht von Bas Swanenberg

I arrived at London Stanstead at around ten and then had to wait an hour for Werner and Gerhard to arrive from Salzburg. From there we went to London by bus and after Lunch we went to Leicester square where we spent the whole afternoon.

We were to late to see David Gilmour and the band in front of the Odeon, too bad. After a few Guinness in the Crooked Surgeon and The Moon Under Water it was time to go in. In the foyer we saw some Gilmour insiders and family and had the chance to take our picture with Guy Pratt.

Guy Pratt

Gerhard, Bas, Guy Pratt und Werner

In the cinema they where showing some footage from the 2nd DVD what looked very promising and made me eager to see it. I was wondering what song would David start with but it only could be Castellorizon off course. The concert film it self was excellent a good balance between old and new work. I saw the mirrors on stage for the lasers and they could only be for Echoes or Comfortably numb and I was afraid Echoes was cut out. Echoes in the Odeon was like 3 dimensional and brought you right back there in the Albert hall. It still was a surprise that Comfortably numb wasn’t played but I was quite happy with tonight’s setlist.

The Q&A was done funny Gilmour is a good story teller like Nick Mason is too the can make you laugh. No exciting news here but didn’t really expect that. And after that the fastest build up I ever seen and like Werner said earlier they did Island jam amazing.

After that we stayed on our seats for like 10 minutes and Rick Wright came of the stage he wasn’t in a talking mood but never the les wanted to give us a autograph. Steve D was more willing to talk and seem he was very happy to be part of this and just arrived in London like we did. He said how relaxing and pressure less the summer tour was after the RAH concerts and that is was like a real holiday. Werner had the chance to talk Colin Norfield and that the could do Echoes cause he knew how to because he did it with the Australian PF. Maybe a little too much credit there.

Finally outside Werner spotted Robert Plant we both were a bit surprised to see him there. We stayed around the Odeon for some time no hurry our fight wouldn’t leave for the first 9 hours, But no Gilmour but everybody else left through the front door. Well going home with autographs from almost the whole band and seeing DG live again was certainly worth the trip to London.

A night to remember indeed.

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