Queensryche Gitarrist über Welcome To The Machine

9.4.2008: Michael Wilton Gitarrist von Queensryche sprach in einem Interview für The Killing Words über Welcome To The Machine. Queensryche covern diesen Song bei ihren Konzerten und er ist auch auf ihrem Album Take Cover zu hören.

The Killing Words: When you did „Welcome to the Machine“, considering how long you’ve been in the music business, was the lyrical content appealing?

Michael Wilton: „You know, everything about that song is appealing to me. It’s one of my all-time classic songs that I love to listen to.
That being said, that’s a touchy song, because there are so many diehard PINK FLOYD fans that would just crucify us if we just copied the version and copied Dave [Gilmour’s] guitars or copied his voice. No, that one, arrangement-wise we had to kind of do some special things to make it a little more like our own. When we start the song, we wanted to, other than hearing some sound effects, we wanted people to go, „Well, what song is this?“ And we had that same effect live, because they wouldn’t even know what the song was until they heard the chord and Geoff sings, „Welcome, my son,“ and then they all go, „Ahhh!“ [laughs] Something like that, it’s such a do-or-die thing, you know, to cover a song like that. ‚Cuz I talk to people on the road who said, „Hey, that FLOYD song, you guys pulled it off. It was enough QUEENSRŸCHE that it wasn’t a direct rip-off of FLOYD.“ So with that song, that song we had to have a little TLC with that one.“

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