Roger Waters 20.7.2013 Werchter Festivalpark

Roger Waters 20.7.2013 Werchter Festivalpark

Unser Freund Bas war beim zweiten The Wall Konzert der laufenden Tour in Werchter. Er zeigte sich sehr beeindruckt von den Ausmaßen der Bühne. Ihm gefiel die Open Air Version besser, als die Hallenversion von 2011!

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Bas: Werchter The Wall XXL was Huge I never ever have seen such a big stage! The show was great, such a clear projection and a fantastic sound. The open air version is 100% better as the indoor arena version.

The screen was longer than a soccer field I think 120m long 12m tall so the main stage must have been around 30 high incredible. I expected cranes for the puppets but the stage itself was the crane. A perfect show in a perfect place just the right amount of people attending easy access to everything enough space everywhere.

We had the time of our life so to speak. A job well done for Roger.

Fotos © Bas Swanenberg

4 Antworten

  1. Werner sagt:

    Thank you very much Bas!! The Stage looks fantastic! I cant wait to see it all in action!!

  2. Bran sagt:

    This looks fantastic!

    Cant wait for Split tomorrow.
    Too bad you wont make it Werner!

    • Werner sagt:

      Hi Bran,

      no I will go to Padova! Spilt was not possible for me! I wish you a fantastic concert!! You may let as know how it was!?

      Are you going to any other Wall Show?

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