Nick Mason sieht Zukunft von EMI nach Übernahme durch Citi-Bank ungewiss

EMI war eines der vier Major-Labels

Nick Mason sieht die Zukunft von EMI nach der Übernahme durch die US-Großbank „Citi-Bank“ ganz und gar nicht rosig.

Nick Mason: „There’s something very sad in a way about a company that – I remember it in 1967 when The Beatles were the big stars on the label, and it was fantastic to be a part of that family. I await the outcome [of the takeover] with interest. I think it very unlikely that Citibank are going to take a number of their smartest boys and start running a record company. It will almost inevitably will be sold on somewhere else. It may well be broke up a bit with publishing sold and record studios sold.“

Nick, 67, added that the company being taken over is a symptomatic of how fast modern business moves, and how quickly things can change.

Nick Mason: „The passing of anything like that, like talking about the passing of the British motorcar industry, it is really sad, it is extraordinary in the 21st century how quickly big companies can be destroyed or broken up or whatever the march of business or industry or whatever runs at such a pace.“

Quelle: BBC 6

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