Delicate Sound Of Thunder

Delicate Sound Of Thunder

Veröffentlichung: 22. November 1988
Label: EMI ‎
Format: 2x CD, 2x LP

David Gilmour – Gitarre, Gesang
Nick Mason – Schlagzeug
Richard Wright – Keyboard, Gesang
Jon Carin – zusätzliches Keyboard, Gesang
Guy Pratt – Bass, Gesang
Gary Wallis – Percussion
Tim Renwick – Gitarre, Gesang
Scott Page – Saxophon
Rachel Fury – Background-Gesang
Durga McBroom – Background-Gesang
Margret Taylor – Background-Gesang

1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 11:53
2. Learning to Fly 5:27
3. Yet Another Movie 6:21
4. Round and Around 0:33
5. Sorrow 9:28
6. The Dogs of War 7:18
7. On the Turning Away 7:58
Gesamt: 48min 59sec
1. One of These Days 6:15
2. Time 5:16
3. Wish You Were Here 4:49
4. Us and Them 7:22
5. Money 9:52
6. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) 5:28
7. Comfortably Numb 8:56
8. Run Like Hell 7:12
Gesamt: 55min 12sec

Shine On You Crazy Diamond  (20.8.1988 New York)
Learning to Fly (23.8.1988 New York)
Yet Another Movie (19.8.1988 New York)
Round and Around (19.8.1988 New York)
Sorrow (23.8.1988 New York)
The Dogs of War (21.8.1988 New York)
On the Turning Away (20.8.1988 New York)
One of These Days (23.8.1988 New York)
Time (19.8.1988 New York)
Wish You Were Here (20.8.1988 New York)
Us and Them (22.8.1988 New York)
Money (23.8.1988 New York)
Another Brick in the Wall (19.8.1988 New York)
Comfortably Numb (23.8.1988 New York)
Run Like Hell (21.8.1988 New York)

James Guthrie
David Gilmour

When Mr. Light Met Mr. Sound

Andy Earl’s cover shot for Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder album is one of his most enduring images. The shot features two men, known as Mr Light (in the foreground, wearing a suit of light bulbs) and Mr Sound (in the distance, surrounded by singing birds) — an analogy for the meeting of light and sound at a live Pink Floyd show.

Andy Earl: After a great deal of discussion with the animal handlers, we decided to attach small weights to the wings of each Dove. Without causing any harm or distress to the birds, the handicap had the effect of giving me slow motion. When the shot was taken we got the flock to rise just slowly enough for the frame to be captured exactly how it was intended.