Lerne wie David Gilmour Gitarre zu spielen!

6.1.2010: Jamie Humphries einer Gitarristen der „The Australian Pink Floyd Show“ erklärt uns wie man es anstellen muss um wie ein David Gilmour zu klingen!Lick Library release further Pink Floyd/Dave Gilmour Guitar Tuition DVDs

David Gilmour Quick Licks

Lick Library’s extensive range of guitar tuition DVDs has just got bigger with the release of Learn to Play Pink Floyd Volume 2, Learn to Play Dave Gilmour the Solos, and Quick Licks in the style of Dave Gilmour. These new DVD sets give you the chance to study Dave Gilmour’s legendary guitar solos, licks and riffs and are presented by Jamie Humphries who draws heavily from his own personal experience of playing with the Australian Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd are one of rock music’s most critically acclaimed acts and their songs have for a generation of guitarists given inspiration and ideas. Lead guitarist Dave Gilmour solo’s and riff’s have been central to the Pink Floyd sound and are often characterised by blues-influenced phrasing, expressive note bends and the sustain he uses.

Learn to Play Pink Floyd Volume 2 (RRP £24.99)

Jamie Humphries studies note by note five classic tracks in this guitar workshop including Time, Mother, Learning to Fly, On the Turning Away and Have a Cigar. Each track is explained and demonstrates the techniques used such as rhythmic chord variations, blues scales, time signature changes and much more. This double DVD set also includes an in depth analysis of David Gilmour’s gear and its use, to help you get that Pink Floyd sound. An added bonus is actual footage of the Australian Pink Floyd live at the Royal Albert Hall.

Learn to Play Dave Gilmour the Solos (RRP £24.99)

The Solos

Jamie takes you through the mighty solos from five timeless tracks, Comfortably Numb, Money, Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2), Time and Dogs on this double DVD set and CD of with jam tracks. This unique style of guitar lesson allows you to learn each solo at slow, medium, full tempo and play along with the tutor. You can practice these different tempos along with the accompanying CD of guitar jam tracks, further helping you study at your own pace.

Quick Licks in the style of Dave Gilmour (RRP 19.99)

this guitar tutorial helps you learn killer blues licks in the style of Dave Gilmour. Jamie studies chord progression, dynamics, vibrato, whammy bar techniques and a whole lot more as you look at licks based around famous Pink Floyd tracks. These can be picked up quickly and incorporated into your guitar playing. Each lick is taken in short sections, played and explained slowly, and built up into full tempo. After this, you can play along to the accompanying guitar jam track to practice your new licks and techniques.

Lick Library offers you a wide choice of types of guitar tutoring formats – Learn to Play.., Quick Licks… and Jam with… In each format you are guided through tracks and licks by expert tutors who break them down into uncomplicated bite size sections. The DVDs are easy to navigate with chapter points at key positions in the tutorials. Lick Library includes many more famous guitar legends, all are available to purchase through www.licklibrary.com along with over 20,000 other guitar tuition products. For the ultimate range of tuition products, www.licklibrary.com has the comprehensive and definitive professional guides to learning to playing the guitar.

Info: Dave Phillips

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