1980 The Wall Tour

Bei der The Wall Premiere in Los Angeles musste das Konzert bei dem Song „Empty Spaces“ wegen eines Feuers auf der Bühne gestoppt werden.

Dauer: 7.2. bis 9.8.1980
Konzerte: 18
Länder: 12x USA, 6x England

David Gilmour: Gitarre, Gesang, Mandoline (Outside the Wall)
Roger Waters: Bass, Gitarre, Gesang, Klarinette (Outside the Wall)
Richard Wright: – Keyboards, Gesang, Akkordeon (Outside the Wall)
Nick Mason: Schlagzeug, Percussion, Akustikgitarre (Outside the Wall)

Willie Wilson: Schlagzeug, Percussion
Andy Bown: Bass, Akustikgitarre (Outside the Wall)
Peter Wood: Keyboards, Akustikgitarre auf Outside the Wall
Snowy White: Gitarre
Stan Farber: Hintergrundgesang
Joe Chemay: Hintergrundgesang
Jim Haas: Hintergrundgesang
John Joyce: Hintergrundgesang

Master of Ceremonies:
Gary Yudman: MC (New York, London)
Cynthia Fox: MC (Los Angeles)
Jim Ladd: MC (Los Angeles)
Ace Young: MC (Los Angeles)

07.02.1980 Usa Los Angeles Sports Arena
08.02.1980 Usa Los Angeles Sports Arena
09.02.1980 Usa Los Angeles Sports Arena
10.02.1980 Usa Los Angeles Sports Arena
11.02.1980 Usa Los Angeles Sports Arena
12.02.1980 Usa Los Angeles Sports Arena
13.02.1980 Usa Los Angeles Sports Arena
24.02.1980 Usa New York Nassau Coliseum
25.02.1980 Usa New York Nassau Coliseum
26.02.1980 Usa New York Nassau Coliseum
27.02.1980 Usa New York Nassau Coliseum
28.02.1980 Usa New York Nassau Coliseum
04.08.1980 England London Earls Court
05.08.1980 England London Earls Court
06.08.1980 England London Earls Court
07.08.1980 England London Earls Court
08.08.1980 England London Earls Court
09.08.1980 England London Earls Court

01. Master of Ceremonies (Waters) 1:13
02. In The Flesh? (Waters) 3:00
03. The Thin Ice (Waters) 2:49
04. Another Brick In The Wall Pt I (Waters) 4:12
05. The Happiest Days of Our Lives (Waters) 1:39
06. Another Brick In The Wall Part II (Waters) 6:19
07. Mother (Waters) 7:54
08. Goodbye Blue Sky (Waters) 3:14
09. Empty Spaces (Waters) 2:14
10. What Shall We Do Now? (Waters) 1:40
11. Young Lust (Waters/Gilmour) 5:16
12. One of My Turns (Waters) 3:41
13. Don’t Leave Me Now (Waters) 4:07
14. Another Brick In The Wall Part III (Waters) 1:15
15. The Last Few Bricks (Pink Floyd) 3:25
16. Goodbye Cruel World (Waters) 1:41
17. Hey You (Waters) 4:55
18. Is There Anybody Out There? (Waters) 3:09
19. Nobody Home (Waters) 3:15
20. Vera (Waters) 1:27
21. Bring the Boys Back Home (Waters) 1:20
22. Comfortably Numb (Gilmour/Waters) 7:26
23. The Show Must Go On (Waters) 2:34
24. Master of Ceremonies (Waters)  :37
25. In the Flesh (Waters) 4:22
26. Run Like Hell (Gilmour/Waters) 7:05
27. Waiting for the Worms (Waters) 4:13
28. Stop (Waters) :32
29. The Trial (Waters/Ezrin) 6:01
30. Outside the Wall (Waters) 4:28