Youth über The Endless River

Es war schon eine Riesenüberraschung für den Killing Joke Bassisten und Musikproduzenten Youth (Martin Glover), als er von David Gilmour einen Anruf erhielt in dem er ihn um seine Meinung bat. Youth dachte anfangs es würde sich um Gilmour’s Soloalbum drehen dem war aber nicht so. Denn Gilmour spielte ihm Outtakes der Division Bell Sessions vor. Schnell war klar, dass sie über ein neues Pink Floyd Album redeten.

The Endless River (2014)

Youth: When I was 14, before I even knew what getting high was, Wish You Were Here showed me how a record could open a door into a world. It gave me the criteria of what music production could be. So of course, as a producer, I really wanted to get behind the scenes and understand what made that chemistry work.

When David Gilmour invited me to his farmhouse, I thought I would be working on his solo album, but as he played me all these outtake tapes from The Division Bell sessions, I gradually twigged, with some delight and trepidation: “Is this going to be a Floyd album?” He asked me to take this material away and “make it sound good” – which is always a nice brief – “and make it sound more like us.”

Then he and Nick Mason overdubbed new parts on top. Gilmour’s brilliance is letting the process unfold very naturally, and then going back with a microscopic eye and finessing every detail. It was strange because the Division Bell material had a certain Orb influence in it, and there was older material like Rick Wright playing the Albert Hall organ, too, so we were folding several decades together into something timeless. It’s an album I can still listen to, and it will still take me away somewhere very special.

Den kompletten Artikel in dem Youth über andere Alben an denen er beteiligt war spricht, findet ihr auf der Website des Guardian: ‘I treated working with Paul McCartney as art’ – Youth on his five favourite albums.

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