Is This The Life We Really Want?

Is This The Life We Really Want?

Format: CD/2x Vinyl


Roger Waters (Gesang, Akustikgitarre, Bass)
Nigel Godrich (Arrangement, Soundcollagen, Keyboards, Gitarren)
Gus Seyffert (Bass, Gitarren, Keyboards)
Jonathan Wilson (Gitarren, Keyboards)
Joey Waronker (Drums)
Roger Manning (Keyboards)
Lee Pardini (Keyboards)
Jessica Wolfe und Holly Proctor von Lucius (Gesang)


  1. When We Were Young 1:39
  2. Deja Vu 4:27
  3. The Last Refugee 4:12
  4. Picture That 6.48
  5. Broken Bones 4.57
  6. Is This the Life We Really Want? 5.55
  7. Bird In A Gale 5:31
  8. The Most Beautiful Girl 6:09
  9. Smell the Roses 5:16
  10. Wait for Her 4:56
  11. Oceans Apart 1:07
  12. Part of Me Died 3.14

The lyrics for ‚Wait for Her‘ were written by Roger Waters and inspired by an English translation by an unknown author of „Lesson from the Kama Sutra (Wait for Her),“ by Mahmoud Darwish.